Hero Alom Is In Prison Now For Demanding Dowry


Apart from sharing my family name, Hero Alom and I don’t have much in common. Undeniably, his antics have kept me well entertained over the years.


More recently, Hero Alom has been in the headlines for something unsavory. Apparently he demanded a dowry of Tk. 200,000 and when refused, proceeded to hit his wife. I get it that a failed bid for stardom and a botched election campaign can make you desperate but doesn’t justify violence towards women. Ironically, this is where art resembles reality (except for the jail part).

E ami ki korlam! 

Thankfully, his rise to mega stardom is as likely as my journey to the moon.


Written by Serial procrastinator

I like learning new things, I get urges to learn new stuff, I start learning, and BAM! I lose interest just like that! My life is a constant struggle to finish half learnt skills and half read books. When I'm free, I ogle food videos on YouTube and cry myself to sleep thinking of all the delicious food I can't have because I'm fat and poor.

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