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Actress Jaya Ahsan Is Marrying Joe Jonas Following Priyanka Chopra Jonas


Recently we have all been enthralled by the marriage of actress Priyanka Chopra and singer Nick Jonas; a marriage which has been covered worldwide through all media outlets. This inter racial marriage has been like a shining light for millions of girls worldwide and even in our country.


Reports have come out that our very own Jaya Ahsan was hit by this wave of inspiration and it turns out she was able to steal the heart of the other Jonas brother – Joe Jonas. We all now know that Nick started off things with Priyanka by slipping into her twitter DM; and apparently Jaya took the same route and slipped into Joe’s Insta DM with her selfie.

Joe replied her and apparently was so impressed with her that he fell in love with her in a matter of few days and proposed to her. The date have not been revealed yet, but a source close to Jaya confided to a member of our team and she said –


Jaya and Joe are deep in love and they plan to marry before the upcoming Eid.

This is spectacular news for all of us who love her so much and we’re sure the whole country will be rejoiced by their marriage. Congratulations from 14AGAIN team to Jaya and Joe.


Written by Goodboi

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