WARNING: Facebook Game Ask Me Is Going To Reveal Anonymous Users Name

After made a bang on Facebook for a week, another Facebook game emerged to take the lead. Recently Facebook users are drooling over the newly introduced Facebook game Ask Me! But people are quite unaware that their personal data is at risk. Yet people are undoubtedly trusting Ask Me! To ask people random anonymous questions resulting in privacy violation and harassment.,, Sarahah was a massive hit but yet they stole a lot of data from people like contact numbers, email address and above all your PASSWORD. & Sarahah games were deceiving and smart enough to steal all the required information they need. Facebook game Ask me anonymously surfaced from the dark and about to make the same crime. Stop ask me anonymously before it’s too late. Popular Facebook game Ask me is now globally trending but people aren’t well aware of what is happening.

How To Reveal Anonymous Details On Facebook Game Ask Me?

The API will ask you to provide your phone number, email address and user information therefore it knows all your personal information very well. When Facebook game Profoundly.Me made a bang it was highly searched on Google “Profoundly Reveal” , people even searched for who messaged me on profoundly on Google to find the anonymous users who harassed them. However Ask Me! is taking a different approach so stop searching for ways to reveal anonymous questions on Ask Me! because you will soon see their names beside the question in your dashboard.

Recently these APIs are making bang on Facebook following ASK.FM from 2012 then came the leading Sarahah. Following that from India made another bang this year now ASK ME Facebook game is on trending.

Indians are on the run for advancing technology and yet technology could be both good or bad. Both facebook game ASK ME and are made in India and both the companies are tactically stealing your information and selling it to the 3rd party for money which is absurd but they are actually taking the full advantage on it.

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