Vegan Mom Hospitalized After Hearing Son Had Chicken Dinner


Anaas is a random guy from Puran Dhaka,Bangladesh but not a random PUBG Player. He is the top PUBG player in his friend list. He wins chicken dinner 3 times in a day.None can beat him. He was talking with his friend about PUBG over phone. He was proudly saying about getting chicken dinner 3 times. And in that moment his mom came to his room hiding in like everyday to find out if his son is talking to any girl and to catch him red-handed.But she heard his son was talking about eating chicken 3 times in a day.


Anaas’s family is a vegan family. Anaas’s mom is very strict about eating anything without vegetables where her son is eating chicken 3 times in a day. His mom got a heart attack instantly after hearing this. Anaas took her to the hospital. Later he told her mom that it wasn’t actually chicken, it was PUBG’s chicken dinner. But she didn’t want to understand. She told her son to delete this Non vegan ‘Shorbonashi’ app.


So Anaas had to uninstall it. And he decided to play COC and grab SHONA. But instantly he got a heart attack thinking about what his mom can question about if he talks about grabbing SHONA. He has decided now he will better play Pokemon Go.


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