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Two Teens From Dhanmondi Stabbed By 30 People Because They Stood Up For Female Classmates’ Sexual Harrassment


Not all heroes wear capes. ‘Sainan Hossain’ and ‘Rakesh Chakma’ are two teens from Dhanmondi who are a proof of this.


A few hours ago, a man named ‘Atif Hossain’ posted on Facebook that his brother Sainan Hossain was beaten up out of nowhere and Sainan’s friend Rakesh Chakma was stabbed multiples time in broad daylight. This happened while they were coming out of their coaching in Dhanmondi 12/A. 30 random people stabbed them just because of the fact that Sainan and Rakesh stood up for their female classmates who were harassed and disturbed through phone calls and texts.


Sainan and Rakesh both are in ‘Dhaka Medical’ right and are recovering but Rakesh Chakma is in immense pain as he got stabbed in the back and thigh which were about 4 inches deep cuts. Both Sainan Hossain and Rakesh Chakma are heroes for standing up for their female class mates. Our prayers are with them.


Written by Vegeta

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