Transgender Candidates Are Going To Be Members Of Bangladesh Parliament


A new history going to be added in Bangladesh history. As far, eight members of transgender community have been confirmed as running on the Awami League party ballot in the upcoming election. The Transgender candidates identified as women and they will vie for the 50 seats which is reserved for women.


The Bangladesh National Parliament has 50 seats among a total 350 reserved exclusively for women,according to Article 65 of the National Constitution of Bangladesh but in this country transgender people categorised as ”Hijra” which referring to a member of the third sex on their national ID card.

However,there is no specific provision in the constitution to prevent hijra member’s participation in election and although within the 50 reserved seats which is for women.

So,according to Election Commission Secretary Helaluddin Ahmed, ”Any eligible woman,including Hijras can qualify for the reserved seats.

According to Falguni , who is one of the eight transgender candidates ”we are citizen of Bangladesh but we have no representation in the parliament. There is no one from our community who can understand and raise voice behalf of us, that is why we are participating in election”

Pinky Shikder, Chief of Hijra community, said:

”when my parents came to know about my sexual orientation they beat me every now and then and forced me to give up my faminine qualities”.


”They said I was bringing shame to the family. So,finally I decided to leave my house and live with other transgender people”.

Rupa , one of the many survivors of child abuse, told a reporter of ‘Dhaka Tribune’

”My father used to say that I am abnormal. He also told that abnormal person do not need any treatment, it would be better if I died”.

       Asian Correspondent #UPR Info @NHRCB

@NHRCB Adresses child rights issue and rights of minorities and vulnerable groups #Bangladesh is a multi ethnic and multi cultural country #Hijra community is still often harrased due to an absence of clear identification guidelines for this community.

On november 11,2013 the hijra community was officially recognised as a separate gender by the nation’s Goverment.This step was mainly taken an aim to remove the socio-economic barriers to the community and their discrimination in education,health and housing.

the streets of Dhaka were filled with colors and sounds of joy as they carried a huge Bangladeshi flag and banners,one of which was written ,”The days of stigma,discrimination and fears are over”.


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