The Poor Girl Became Millionaire, Getting Thousand Of Viewers By Making The Worst Video.

The food eating video ‘Ami ekon baat kabo’ got viral rapidly by sharing on social site.Though people share such video for fun or defame such maker but the purpose of such lower class video maker is to get viral, no matter it’s disgraceful or insulting. The funny video maker Hero Alam , Khan Helal is became inspiration for other, that the result is this ”Baat Kabo” video . So, this way poor or middle class person got source of income making such video.

This girl is a garments worker, she quit the job and now making videos after getting huge response from viewers. Now her monthly income up-to 1.5 lac. She is now inspiring other garments worker to make youtube funny videos. She said ‘I had to work hard but after making youtube videos I don’t need to go out or hard working. I never imagine it would be viral so rush and I became famous. I still can’t believe people liked my video so much’.


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