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The Controversial Song Of Salman Has Been Uploaded In Youtube And It Is Receiving Hatred As Well


Salman Muqtadir has been on top of controversies for his uploaded teaser of a new song a few days ago. It got a lot of dislikes & many hatred from the people. Meanwhile Tahseenation also roasted him & started the campaign of “Unsubscribe Salman”.


About an hour ago, the song has been uploaded in youtube. It was a video song of 3:03 minute where he was found being involved in some intimate scenes & vulgar approaches with a girl. However it got much more dislikes than the likes as well. Though it looks like Salman doesn’t care about so many unsubscriptions of his youtube channel in the last 2 days.


Now it’s time to see how Tahseenation reacts with the song & what Salman does to manage all the controversies.


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