Superb Skills Of Pilot Wins’ Hearts Of Passengers Facing Death


When the storm “Callum” was raging across the lands of U.K angrily, an aircraft was about to get in the knuckles of the storm. The day of the passengers travelling in the aircraft was saved by the brilliancy portrayed by the pilot, when he landed the aircraft sideways at the Bristol Airport in the UK. The glimpse of the landing captured in the video, is spreading all over the internet. The video showcases the talent of the pilot when he swept the aircraft named Boeing 757-808 side-to-side away from the powerful grabs of the storm. It is seen clearly in the video that the pilot manages to land the aircraft on the runway of Bristol airport. He only took more than a minute to land safely with an aircraft full of passengers, with none injured and there was no slight scratch on the body of the aircraft.


The pilot did the safe landing by facing the pointed nose of aircraft towards the direction of the wind. According to reports, if he had not taken this measure the air craft would have blown away, if the pilot had lost his control. Viewing such fascinating videos displaying the bravery of a pilot saving lives of people is always mind blogging. This mind blogging incident took place on the 12th of October. As the spread of the video is getting wilder on Instagram and twitter, the pilot is receiving appreciations from all over the world for his superb skills. Tweets of people getting bamboozled over the landing is all over the internet and some of them are applauding the pilot for using the skills in an appropriate manner that were taught to him during his training. Watch the video by clicking the link given.



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