Sperm Donor Dies Due To Too Much Workload


A sperm donor is reportedly found dead in Bangkok, Thailand due to inhumane workload. The man was identified as Anurak a Thai national of only 46 years. Last week he was found to be crying for mercy at a local Buddhist temple in Bangkok.


The monks complained that Anurak was going through undue pressure and was unable to sleep for the last 14 days due to increased demand for his sperms. The monks at the local Buddhist temple also reportedly told the police that Anurak had fathered more than 876 babies from 47 countries.

His professional career sadly came to an end last night when he died on his bed unable to cope with increasing demands for his sperms. Neighbours told the police Anurak was an honest man who kept to himself most of the time. His co-workers only had praises for him, as he was always sincere in his efforts and was always one of the top performers in his line of career.


Although Anurak’s sperms helped to bring 876 babies from 47 countries into this world but he was never proud of his achievements. His last days were spent in agony as he was not able to take the increased work pressure which resulted in his untimely death.

A vigil is scheduled to be held tomorrow in front of his home to mark the inhumane workload that Thai professional sperm donors are facing nowadays. The world might forget Anurak but 876 children from around the world will still carry his DNA in their blood.


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