Sexting And Sharing Inappropriate Pictures Online – Has It Become A Fashion?

It’s never okay for someone to ask for your inappropriate pictures, neither is it acceptable for them to share it without your permission. Even if a person has shared your intimate pictures without your permission, they have completely broken your trust. Regardless of your age or gender, this kind of situation leaves a person feeling unsafe, scared and in a state of worry all the time about what’s going to happen next. So, recently, what’s going on in Dhaka has been bizarre. We are sure most of you have come across the post that’s been spreading like wildfire over social media. It’s about the bunch of young boys, aged about 16 – 18 years, who have been trading and sharing intimate pictures of girls.

Needless to say, these boys are from renown schools of Dhaka city, who are receiving an excellent education and are trusted to be from well-read families as well. So, what’s letting them go ashtray? It’s themselves. It’s just their mentality. You might see the name of your own school, but don’t be ashamed about it. That’s because these schools are providing top-notch education to their students. I repeat it’s their mentality.


It’s not your fault. Just because you sent someone your nudes, doesn’t mean that you have given them the permission to share it. In fact, they did not respect your privacy. They did break.

Thankfully, a girl was able to publish the names of some of these sexual predators along with screenshots of their profile. So, guys, take care of yourself. Before things go out of your hands and there’s no escape from this situation, try to stay off the web. Because your actions are a reflection of your happiness. Report any possible content that you think is threatening to you, and don’t go on constantly checking if the content is still available online.

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