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Salman Muqtadir Has Lost Over 50,000 Subscribers In Less Than 3 Hours Because of Tahseenation


We all have heard about the beef between Tahseenation and Salman Muqtadir. This beef started when Tahseenation roasted Salman’s friend ‘Shoumik Ahmed’ a year ago and called him a ‘C Grade Actor’. From then onwards, both of them have been indirectly firing shots at each other.


Tahseenation and Salman TheBrownfish has never been on good terms but Tahseenation has taken this beef to a step further by doing something that might end Salman’s youtube career once and for all. Tahseenation released a new video called “Salman ThePrawnFish” where he calls out Salman for posting ‘vulgar’ videos. After calling out Salman for his actions, Tahseenation tells his fans to unsubscribe from Salman’s channel and claims that this is the only possible way to make Salman realize his mistakes.


Tahseenation’s video has been up for almost 3 hours and Salman’s subcount had been decreasing ever since. He has lost a total of 50K subscribers in the past 3 hours and the hashtag “#UnsubscribeSalman” has flooded everyone’s newsfeed.


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