Queen Elizabeth Is Looking For A Social Media Manager At A Salary Of More Than Rs 26.5 Lak

Did you just graduate and are you looking for a job? Do you consider yourself to be a good social media manager? Well then, here’s a great job opportunity for you. Queen Elizabeth is looking for a social media manager. And guess how much it would pay? More than Rs 26.5 Lakhs (Indian currency). Now that’s insane! We have all been looking for this ever since and this seems like an opportunity to seize.

Now comes the best part. The job will be based in Buckingham Palace! It’s about smart ways to maintain the Queen’s appearance and presence in the public and on the world stage, as per the job listing website. So, what are some of the benefits of working as Queen Elizabeth’s social media manager?

Well, according to the job listing, it says that your creative work will get millions of views and shares and this is the biggest reward for the social media manager in his career. The posts are also going to garner high visibility and be featured in different articles on different news portals for the Royal family of Britain.

Moreover, apart from the state visits and the occasional Royal engagement, you need to remember that your “reputation and impact will be at the forefront of all you do” and “the reaction to our work is always high-profile”.

Besides, the job comes with a package of 15% employer contribution pension scheme (after 6 months), 33 days of annual leave that also includes bank holidays, access to training and development to support continuous professional development and of course, free lunch.

According to the job listing on the Royal Family’s website, the job role involves:

  • Finding ways to prop up the Queen’s presence in the eyes of public and on the world stage.
  • Engage the audience from all over the world
  • Take note of the daily news flow on the digital and social networking platform
  • Create creative social media content and write featured articles through thorough research about a topic
  • Make the Queen’s digital channels consistently spark and reach the proper audience
  • Help maintain the digital communications of the Queen through proper analytics and monitoring

How do you know if you are eligible? 

Here are some of the criteria that the royal family entailed:

  • Completed the degree level with prior experience of managing websites and delivering proper digital communications
  • Prior experience in creating and publishing digital and social media content using analytical tools
  • Innovative and a mind full of creativity
  • Excellent photography skills and video production skills is highly desirable
  • Good planning skills and the ability to respond quickly to any changing priorities.
  • Natural communicator instead of faking messages

It seems like after the Duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge, Kate and Meghan had encountered terrible online abuses, the Royal Family is determined to establish some social media rules and that they are also trying to engage effectively in social media channels.

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