Parrot Taken Into Custody After Warning The Dealers About Police Raid

Parrot Was Taken Into Custody After Warning The Dealers About Police Raid

Police have reportedly seized a parrot after finding that it tried to alert drug dealers about a raid in northern Brazil. The parrot shouted, “Mummy, police!” This is the first time we have been hearing something like this and it left us in a state of shock!

The Parrot started squawking just when the officers arrived in the house in the Vila Irma Dulce neighbourhood in the city of Teresina. One of the officers claimed that “he must have been trained for that; otherwise he wouldn’t have shouted as soon as we got closer to the house.”

Furthermore, the parrot was taken into custody, photographed inside a chicken-wire cage, and finally, he was transferred to the Teresina Zoo. The police reported that the bird’s owner, who’s also known as “India” was arrested two times prior to this for drug trafficking. Edvan, 30, her husband was previously arrested after police found crack cocaine in their house during the raid.

In accordance, their 16-year-old daughter was found with cannabis in her underwear and was released with a warning. Even before this, these drug traffickers were known to use birds called narcopalomas to fly drugs into prison cells in Argentina and Costa Rica!

Man, that’s extreme!

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