Ostriches Are Dying For The One Night Of “Fashion” At Met Gala

The world’s largest and heaviest bird is readily disappearing from its Native North Africa. They would soon become extinct if the issue of popular ladies’ “fashion” is not taken seriously. While we all love the furry, feathery costumes of the models at Met Gala, but little do we know where all of that fur is coming from?This year’s Met Gala featured too much of furry costumes to highlight the extravagance of the supermodels and their runway shenanigans. It even bought to PETA’s disappointment that the fashion world has become so cruel that they are ready to showcase dead animal’s fur as gaudy outfits.

The next time when you see a furry outfit, think of this:

  • Photo Credits: PETA

The beautiful feathers of these creatures are ripped out of their bodies, leaving them bloody, destroyed and broken.Even an eye witness investigated this painful view of the world’s largest ostrich-slaughter company forcibly restrain young ostriches, stun them electrically and then cut off their throat. After a few moments, their feathers are torn apart from the bird’s body and they are skinned and dismembered. Sometimes, the ostrich’s skin is taken apart while they are in their full consciousness. Furthermore, that very fur is used for women’s clothing, household products such as dusters and accessories. Thank god, not every model at the Met Gala choose to adorn themselves in the bits and pieces of these tortured birds.

Although feathers are a common theme for the Met Gala attendees, there are some compassionate models who proved that they are become a crowd pleaser even without killing animals. It’s always a good idea to go feather-less from now on.

It’s almost 2020! We already have choices for so many other materials in the market that we don’t see the need to kill animals merely for fashion. The only good way to make sure that birds do not suffer because of your clothing is to choose cruelty-free products. Take a look at the labels the next time you go shopping.

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