Multinational Brand KFC Fined For Selling Expired Chicken

How many of still go to KFC and love their fried chicken? Okay, we are assuming, not many. As we already know that not many Dhaka dwellers are into KFC these days. The reason? It’s pretty simple. It’s not the multinational fast food chain anymore. There’s one more reason that has made it up to the list of not going to KFC.

The mobile court of Bangladesh Safe Food Authority (BSFA) conducted by Executive Magistrate Hosne Ara Popy imposed a fine on Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Bangladesh merely because the outlet was found to be selling expired chicken. The incident occurred at the Baily Road outlet and was instantly fined a TK4 lakhs for being found with such expired goods. More in depth, the outlet was found to be possessing 18kgs of expired chicken at the outlet on Tuesday.

“We have found at least 10bags of expired chicken, each of them weighing no less than 1.8kg at the Baily Road KFC Outlet,” said the Executive Magistrate Hosne Ara Popy.

Selling and storing expired, adulterated and impure goods are a jail-able crime. The offenders can be fined or subjected to both the penalties.

“Apart from imposing fine, we have also informed the KFC branch authorities for such offences,” the Executive Magistrate added. However, the team mentioned that their kitchen and outlet were all very clean, and so there were no complaints regarding that.

Previously, KFC Bangladesh has had faced numerous blames on how they served unfresh foods to their consumers. This is also the reason why the franchise has to opt out of business from them. Now the question arises, why are we still eating them and not boycotting or protesting against them?

Do you still eat KFC? Because don’t. They take HUGE sums of money and are yet offering such adulterated foods. Heinous!

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