Millions Are Dead Worldwide Due To Black Friday Sales


Over 3 billion people worldwide rushed towards shopping malls and retail stores around the globe to get the best deals out of Black Friday sales. This resulted in over a million deaths through stampede and as people exchanged blows and kicked each other to death in order to get the best items during Black Friday sales. Ambulances services, fire fighters and police when rushed to the spots of conflict, they were themselves found to be fighting each other to get the best items that were on sale.


In some major cities around the globe curfew was called as people started outright looting in a frenzy to get whatever items that were left before the sale came to an end. Ecommerce giants like Wal-Mart and amazon faced record breaking orders. Armed police and armed forces were called in some cities to stop the blood bath that occurred last Friday as on-going sales offer ranging from 30% off to 80% off made people mad to get the best out of Black Friday sales.


The sudden rush to super stores and shopping malls to buy the best brands resulted in millions of deaths as people fought their way to get the most out of Black Friday sales.


Written by md tahsin

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