Mass Suicides Due To Anonymous Harassment Messages Received On Profoundly.Me

Physical fights have already disrupted education globally of more than 150 million students who are still in their early teen years. Cyberbullying or cyber harassment is nothing new. It’s harassment through electronic means. Ever since there has been an increase in the use of social media, cyberbullying happened. According to a survey, in Bangladesh, about 35 per cent of students get bullied the most.

The all-new is a cherry on top in the cyberbullying industry. Many of the students aged between 13 – 20 years have reportedly committed suicide after they received anonymous harassing messages through are strangling themselves to death, swallowing sleeping pills and hanging themselves to death. They are understandably frightened as with all the comments and confessions they have been receiving online. Others are busy finding ways on how to reveal anonymous details on profoundly.

This case has attracted not only teenagers but also their parents. Many of which are considering court filings about the banishing of this app. Now the question arises, are such apps designed for entertainment or for harassment?

We are already living in an era, whereby, teens are losing their self-esteem and confidence. Now when we landed with mass suicide rates and attempt to suicide rates among teenagers, we believe that is not the right platform most teens nowadays.

Friends and relatives of teenagers who committed suicide claimed that “they feel threatened and unsafe when they use social media apps. It’s like harassment is all around us and it’s interfering with our mental health. We feel very helpless and as if there is no step that we can take to prevent such things from happening around us.”

Earlier, had already revealed the names of their anonymous users who were spreading love and hatred all over social media. This had been the worst data breach in the year. This so-called popular and controversial social media app targets most youngsters.

“This thing is not even that can control our students or their feelings,” said the Principal of a private school.

In this environment, teenagers feel that they are being harassed, not physically but mentally and virtually. is an app that holds no duty of care, nor any responsibility about what others may feel. Profoundly has also revealed lots of anonymous user details directly to the police, so if you’re one of the bullies you’re in trouble.

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