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Married After Fleeing From Home As Police Will Provide Shelter: Full Bangladesh Is Getting Noisy Regarding This Matter


Married by fleeing from home ,Police will provide shelter.The Police Department of Rajasthan Government of India has announced it.


You’re in a relationship But the family is not accepting.This is really a good news for those couple who have to flee from home due to family objections.

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Indian media reports said,The police headquarters of the Rajasthan government is thinking of creating a shelter home for runaway couples.

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Bangladesh is overwhelmed by this news.The couple those are failed to attain perfection due to the family’s favor, The sadness, cast, distraction of so many days in their mind being embedded.After bursting with a loud bang, they burst into protest Like the volcanic eruption.

Pavel Majumder of Noakhali launched this first in Bangladesh, locally he is known as Mojnu. He gave an emotional status in Facebook,

Due to not getting support from family, friends, my chumki became  Badrul’s wife today.If the administration helped me on that day, I would not have been The Mojnu today. Only one crime was behind love, that is Chumki  was from Noakhali.

After this, Pavel Majumdar came to live on Facebook for 1 minute 47 seconds and screamed by the name of chumki and cry.

At the moment this status and video becomes viral.Millions of lovers of this Bengal came down on the street.They go crazy and  protest in Judge Court of their respective districts.Their only claim,In law, like law to get the support of the administration for married couple those  flee from home in Bangladesh.


Demonstrating in front of Chittagong Judge Court, Kashem Talukdar said,

“I have run away from the chance married to flee from the home,   But I do not want to deprive the next generation of this opportunity. “

He added slogans by adding a line of poetry,The new covenant will make the world habitable for the newborn.This line will be, the next generation will be able to get married to flee from home our only covenant.

Not just boys, girls have come down the street expressing solidarity with this demand.Protesting in Shahbagh Projonmo Chottor, a girl named pinki who’s studying at class nine in Viqarunnisa Noon School and College said,  Our demands have to be fulfilled.Get to knowabout the identity of Pinky,She was asked,’ you were not 18 years old ..!You are now seeking an opportunity to get married ..!’Then pinky said delightly ,Believe me brother I’m  18. you know that bangladeshi people have two different age, one certificate  another original age.

In Shahbag,  “Married to flee from home,Police will provide shelter” The committee convener Jhantu Mia asked a question by 14 again , This is the law in India ..! Why are you copying this issue of India?t with anger,Someone had to start it..! Indian administration is intelligent, so they already understood it.And there is no copy paste in love. Love is immortal.

After that he said,When India’s super-duper hit film, “Quamot se Quamot tak”, was copied in Bangladesh by Salman Shah and Moushumi, named the film “Quamot theke Quamot”, Then this can’t be an issue here.Getting inspired From this movie ,I escaped with Julekha.But I did not get the help of this society, this administration.  Julekha was taken away by her father and  he sent me into jail.Now you say, we’re copypasting .!!   Go ahead, talk about the director of this film.You know, how many couples  saw this film and fled from house !!

After that, he apologized and said,Now  a days this type of  film is not made anymore.My claim to FDC, At least 4/5 films should be made annually to encourage couple to flee from home.

Until the last report, Hero Alam is going to report a case in the High Court,”We need help to get married by fleeing.” with this issue.


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