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Man Falls From 9th Floor Of A Building In Banani While Trying To Flex At Chicks


This young man from Madaripur who was living alone in Banani has recently passed away because of sheer stupidity in his brains. Rahul on a bright Sunday morning was walking on his buildings roof when he saw a beautiful woman and had made eye contact with her. As he was trying to flaunt himself in front of her without saying a word he jumped to the outer wall. Got down from the wall he was standing on and started to do chin ups.


The girl seeing the man’s dumb ass in trouble and she left ignoring him. He looked back to see if she was potafied by him but he lost control and fell from the 9th floor of his apartment building. Reports have come to in ruition that he was a fan of Tarzan and the ‘beautiful’ woman he tried to seduce was no other than a maid from his neighboring building. Such bad taste and bad decisions have led Rahul up to his death. RIP.



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