Man Beaten In Public For Spoiling Avengers Endgame

The Incident

A man got beaten up outside a theatre. The reason? He was reportedly revealing the synopsis of the most hyped up movie of the year, Avengers: Endgame. Many fans have not yet seen it, while others are queuing up, and here’s what the drama has unfolded. As per Taiwanese media, this man was left off all bloodied outside the theatre in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong once he left the cinema after watching the movie. Movie-goers are all excited about it and are seen queuing up for the tickets when the man shouted out the spoilers out of nowhere.

  • The man who was reportedly beaten up by the public for shouting Avengers: Endgame spoilers.



After all, it’s a sequel of the ever-famous Avengers: Infinity Wars, which holds a culmination of 21 other feature films and 11 years of keen energy. While Marvel fans worldwide have been pleading to everyone to not spoil the movie for them, this man seems to have crossed the limits. Even the directors, The Russo Brothers, wrote an open letter to their fans to refrain themselves from giving out spoilers to other movie buffs and here was the man, ruining it in a sec!

They wrote in a post over Twitter, “To the greatest fans we have worldwide, this is it. This is the end.”

  • The directors open letter to their fans to prevent them from spoiling the movie to others.

Many internet users, who have read the post earlier in other online media have commented, “he got what he deserved.” Others have commented, “good to see this.”

It might not have been the best idea to beat up a man like that, but tell us what’s a better way than to stop idiots from spoiling the movie? As Marvel fans, we all know how hard it is to contain the excitement to become one of the first to watch Avengers: Endgame. But there’s no use in shouting it out loud to others and ruin their fun.

Enjoy and let others enjoy. In tune, let us know how you found the movie?

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