Mahadi M. Hasan – The Molester That You All Have Been Following

Have you ever come across those daily shitposts by Mahadi? You must have found some of them to be funny and relatable. Well, they might be, but who knew the ugly truth behind the admin’s face. If you are friends with Mahadi M. Hasan and are aware of his character, yet did not bother to stop him from his evil actions, shame on you. That’s because you merely supported another sexual predator, a.k.a a potential rapist in our society who takes immense pride in “forcing” girls. Interestingly enough, he’s not one of those ordinary sexual predators. What he does is beyond anyone’s imagination. Firstly, he will talk to girls in a very flirtatious manner and act like he’s been giving all his attention to this one girl. During this time, Mahadi would take pride in saying “ami toh oi meye ke kheye disi” just when random names of girls would pop up while conversing. You must be thinking that it’s true, right? Hell no. He’d lie all this while merely to brag and make the girl one of his victims.

Similarly, a girl named Fariha (name have been changed due to privacy reasons) has come up with her nasty experience with Mahadi. Fariha and Mahadi used to talk to each other, just like every other girls and boy would do. However, by the end of 2018, they stopped talking because she got into a relationship with Farhan (name have been changed due to privacy reasons). Farhan had caused her to go through terrible mental trauma by his toxic behaviours just after a month of their relationship. His toxic behaviour had made her vulnerable and scared of the smallest of the things that no girl should ever be.

After finally ending the toxic relationship with Farhan, Mahadi started knocking Fariha again. Typically, she wasn’t aware of his intentions, and they started talking to each other regularly again. Note that Fariha did not have any intentions of getting into a relationship with Mahadi or anything as she was still trying to overcome from the “messy” breakup with Farhan. However, Mahadi insisted on meeting her by giving her the excuse that he’d like to buy tickets for an event that she was organising. Fariha being the regional ambassador, she had to go on, meet her fellow clients to sell the tickets.

When Mahadi had knocked Fariha for the tickets, she tried her level best to remain formal and professional, whereas, all Mahadi did was flirt and tease her throughout the time.

Fast forward to the day when they met at Jatra. Obviously, Mahadi was being nice from the beginning until Farhan showed up (he had a performance there). In front of Farhan, he put his arms around her. He wanted to show Farhan that he was at a higher level than him and took his girl away so quickly. That’s not it. Fariha tried to remove his hands when he tried to grope her and kiss her forcefully, which was very sudden and unexpected. Fariha left from there as she did not want to create a scene and obviously, she wasn’t in a mental state to create a ruckus either.

After all, who would want to face any drama or threat from their toxic ex-partner? Farhan had already made her vulnerable enough so she wouldn’t bring up the topic to ask him why he did what he did to her. Furthermore, Mahadi knocked her to say that it was a “cute date” and it was her mistake to act like everything’s perfectly alright with him.

Now starts the real drama. After a few days, one of Fariha’s friend came up to her to tell her that Mahadi went on to tell everyone that they made out for pleasure and it satisfied him on their very first meet. Of course, Fariha denied straight up. That wasn’t true! She thought that it was just rumour and so she wanted to knock him again. Before she could do so, Mahadi already created a group where there was another girl whom she did not know personally and some other people. He started spreading lies about how they had “made out” in their first meetup by being very much vulgar and in a complete indecent tone. It is more like he tried raping a girl when he failed, he claimed that he had sex with her. Doesn’t make any sense, right? It wouldn’t to anyone either.

He went around and told these to a few other groups “do you know Fariha Ahmed? Arreh ore toh kheye disi” where no one even asked him as you can see in the screenshot. Just because she didn’t let him do anything, his ego got hurt, and he started spreading false rumours about her, saying “kheye disi” to many groups and kept on going for a while, and no one would believe me when she told them otherwise.

Now, many people had already told this to Fariha that he’s quite smart and famous, he will get away quickly by backlashing her. It doesn’t matter. You see, what’s the truth is the truth and how long is he going to hide this? It will come out eventually. It wasn’t just about Fariha. He did this to a lot of girls and claimed that he made out with them consensually. Sexual predators like him should never be spared. We are sure people who are close to him are clearly aware of what we are talking about in here and shame on them for not stopping him and instead of trying to prevent others from exposing him.

Now, a girl like Fariha could have kept quiet and brushed it off quickly like it’s it really a big deal. But there’s no guarantee that he wouldn’t do this to another girl in the near future. People like Mahadi should be about too as these kinds of people are ruining lots of girls’ images without even them knowing it.

Not to forget that his hypocrisy level has reached a peak. He kept sharing Farhan’s posts and acted like he does not support any of these actions. What would you call him? A rapist? Sexual predator? Well, there are no exact words to describe him anymore. While Mahadi would keep on claiming what happened was consensual by his made-up situations that took place there. But then, why did he open groups of conversations to force Fariha to admit that it was all consensual? If it indeed were, he wouldn’t have to do anything like that.

Girls, if you have come across any such sexual predators in your life, do voice it out. You need to be heard for the sake of those countless other girls who are silently suffering merely because of issues that are happening like this to them. Even they are confused as to whether or not they should stand up for themselves or not.

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