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Luis Suarez’s Kid Was Seen Biting On His Father’s Shoulder, Turns Out Messi Is Responsible

Barcelona last night won the La Liga title for 8th time in 11 years. After the match there was a concert at camp nou and the players enjoyed the concert with their kids. To our utter surprise, we saw Luis Suarez, the Urguayan striker with his kid and the kid is trying to bite him. Now, we all know the famous incident in 2014 world cup, when suarez bit Chiellini, an Italian player on the sholder.

So we dug deep into this behavior of Suarez’s kid and found out some ugly truth about the player’s personal life. An eye witness who worked in Suarez’s house for couple of years has informed us that suarez’s wife bites him whenever suarez talks about Lionel Messi. Messi as we all know is a Barcelona team mate and Suarez’s best friend. So the kid often saw it happen and grew a habit of biting his dad, like his mom does.

However suarez is deeply obsessed with messi. The level of obsession is so high that whenever his wife tells him to do anything, he says messi will handle it. One day suarez’s wife told him to pass her a banana. Suarez threw it in another direction. When the wife was about to blow off in anger, suarez explained that messi was supposed to be there. Even during late nights, messi’s name was heard from suarez’s bedroom. Immediately after that another scream would follow, which is suarez screaming and his wife biting him out of anger.


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