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Luis Suárez Bangla Version : Teacher Bites of Another Teacher’s Cheek Meat Over A Brawl In The Street


We all know Luis Suárez the famous Bite King of Football World. He is famous for biting his opponents in the football field . Similar incident happened in Sikderkandi village in Shariatpur Upazila .


Two teacher started a street fight regarding a topic of not giving space to move motorcycle . Accused Luis Suárez aka Akter Hossain Bepary is the headmaster of a primary school in that village . Victim primary school teacher Khalid said that Akter Hossain Bepary was his childhood teacher LMAO . Accused teacher defended himself stating that victim Khalid was driving his bike fast , so as an ideal citizen of Bangladesh he tried to teach his previous student some lesson which included some Thpra-Thapri & Kill-Ghushi , but no biting .


Victim’s medical report shows that he needed seven stitching in his cheek . Lets all pray for the victim’s fast recovery .


Written by Light Yagami

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