Is Profoundly.Me A Medium Of Expressing Feelings Or Harassment?

Profoundly.Me is the latest version of previous anonymous message sharing platforms like or Sarahah app which has taken over the social media recently. People of different ages & classes all over the world are found using it to get anonymous messages from unknown people. But is it really helpful to express feelings for other people or it is just an alternative social media platform to harass others?

Initially a lot of people all over the world started to use it freely. They thought it might be a great platform to inform others about their secret feelings which they couldn’t express in their real life. But day by day, the platform turned into a horrible way to annoy other people.

Profoundly has already revealed almost all anonymous user details to the public & especially to the police due to the mass suicides triggered by this app. You might think that you are very beautiful but many would feel afraid of you to approach for you. So they might send you some lovable messages which would surely soothe your mind & make you feel even more beautiful as well as pretty. Obviously it’s common for all of us that we would love to have some admiration from others.

But does it always happen? No it really doesn’t. Many people are using the Profoundly.Me app to irritate other people. Some are having different inappropriate & vulgar messages. Some are even having hatred sent by others. If you had any relationship earlier, you did your breakup recently & your ex might send you abusive messages using it. You can hardly take any legal action for that as the identity of the message sender doesn’t get disclosed. Suppose you are a successful worker in your office. Many colleagues of you are jealous of your success. They might end up getting some mental satisfaction by sending you hatred through this platform. There has also been seen a petition online asking profoundly to make the anonymous data publicly available to each and every user:


You can’t do anything against them. As the app doesn’t disclose the identity of the people who are using the platform to harass others, people all around the world are becoming the victim of cyber bullying severely. As the number of Profoundly me users among the girls are seen much more than the boys, the girls are getting attacked a lot by anonymous people who are sending them objectionable messages.

So it is high time to think about the necessity of Profoundly me. If you really don’t want to get abused through this platform, raise your voice to shut it down so that people don’t become victim of cyber bullying through this platform anymore.

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