If You Search Up “Tech N*gga” On Youtube, Marques Brownlee’s Channel Pops Up

Youtube is a website that is 100% against racism. We all remember when Pewdiepie had to face major backlash for saying the ‘n-word’. Even Youtube didn’t spare him. But this time, Pewdiepie isn’t the one who did an “oopsie” instead Youtube did an “oopsie” and it’s somewhat hilarious.

Most of us know who ‘Marques Brownlee’ is. He’s a very famous Black Tech Youtuber. The reason why I said ‘Black’ tech Youtuber is, if you search the word “Tech N*gga” without censoring the ‘n-word’ the first thing that comes up is Marques Brownlee’s channel. It soon caught everyone’s attention. Neither Marques nor Youtube has said anything about this yet.

But, after doing some deep research we found out that if someone searches the word “Tech” then Marques Brownlee comes up and that’s why while searching the word “Tech N*gga”, the word ‘Tech’ makes Marques come on top of the search result.

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