Here’s How To Reveal Who Messaged You On Profoundly.Me

Ever since youngsters got to know about revealing the names of their anonymous haters, they have been looking for ways on how they can possibly get the names of their haters. After all, who wouldn’t want to know about the names of their haters? Are you one of those people who are tired of googling ‘how to reveal anonymous messages on profoundly’? You’re at the right place.

Therefore, we have finally found the hack on how you can reveal the evil names of those who bully you on

Step 1: Go to the Chrome extension

Extensions are basically small software programs that you can install for an enhanced browsing experience. Therefore, head over to the chrome extensions tab, or if you are not sure what’s a chrome extension, you can even click here proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Go to the search tab

Just at the upper left corner, do you see that there’s called “search the store”? Perfect. Search for an app called “Defoundly”.

Step 3: Add it to chrome

Add the app to your chrome browser. Another pop up may appear saying “add extension”. Do click on that.

Step 4: It will appear in your chrome browser

Once you have successfully installed the “Defoundly” extension to your chrome browser, the next thing that will happen is a blip will appear at the upper right corner of your browser. It looks just like the logo.

Step 5: Click on it

Click on that logo. Don’t be scared, you’re about to get to know about who are the biggest snakes in your life.

Step 6: Names will appear

The moment you click on the logo, there will be a list of names that will appear with the dates, times and the message that they had written for you. You have the option to message back the person by embedding their confession over with the message.

If you are a user, we hope that you have found this article helpful. If you or any of your friend have ever been cyberbullied, please stand up against such heinous crime and report any apps and software that causes such issues.So stop googling on revealing anonymous user details & start taking action!

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