Here Are 5 Reasons Why Dhaka Girls Around You Are Swiping Left On You

  1. Married: Well, this is a no brainer. If you’re married, Tinder is not for you. Period. Keep your “I’m here for friendship” and proudly-putting-up-photos-of-your-wedding-day-with-your-wife bullshit to yourself.
  2. Tries too hard: Here comes the trying-to-hard bunch. Photos with kids and pets. Attempting their sorry asses off to look like they care about things and believe in causes. Well, guess what? One look and she sees through your facade.
  3. Selfies: Now, it has been quite a while that selfie has become a thing. But let’s face it. No girl wants to date a narcissist that fills up his phone with millions of selfies. Leave some room for your girl!
  4. No bio: You stuff your tinder profile with half-naked photos of yourself at the gym, showcasing your abs. But you don’t effing bother to write a line or two about yourself? That kind of arrogance and lack of respect won’t take you anywhere, boy! Grow up!
  5. Lives in Uttara: The biggest turn off for any Dhaka girl on Tinder is when the guy lives outside Dhaka, e.g. in Uttara. Many a romance has been nipped in the bud because of the guy living in the distant village of Uttara, inspiring memes like “This could be us. But you live in Uttara.” A wise word of advice: shift your house if you want any kind of action!

Written by Maya Anakin

14AGAIN Contributor, Bangladesh

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