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Girl Addressed Her As A BCS Officer, Ex JU Student & Married 12 Men By Persuading Them


Now-a-days doing cheat in a relationship is a regular occurrence in this modern era. Most of them cheat by providing false information about their identity. But if someone addresses her as a BCS Officer in the post of an executive magistrate, then it’s surely beyond imagination.


A woman named Shahnur Rahman exactly did something like that. Though she only studied upto class 5, she used to go to JU to know their culture & habits as her home was close to JU campus. That’s how she learnt to behave like a decent educated woman. Using this tricks, she addressed her as an ex student of JU to many people & 12 men got trapped in her tricks. She married them one after another & took a lot of money from them. So if you are a lover boy,  be careful about such things. Know properly about your girlfriend & her identity.



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