Get Ready To Get 1 Hour Of Counselling If You Don’t Use The Foot Overbridge

So, the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) will now give one hour of counselling to those who are not using the foot overbridge to cross the streets.

“The issue of counselling is an ongoing process. This initiative has been taken to reduce the accidents on the road and work with awareness and responsibility for everyone,” said Prabir Kumar Roy, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Traffic North Division’s Deputy Police Commissioner.

He has also mentioned that the reason for the problem of not crossing the overbridge is due to lack of awareness. So, they have arranged counselling pedestrians for more than 45 minutes to make them aware of the importance of crossing the street responsibly. Those who once came to the same hourly counselling class to save only two minutes, they will not do this work for the second time. Lol!

During the course of counselling, they are actually taught about the DMP Traffic Guide Book, said the police officer.

  • Photo credit: Dhaka Tribune

Earlier on Tuesday, April 2nd, the picture of counselling in the capital was held in Banani. In this context, the traffic department said that citizens are very stressed. It’s their work pressure, family issues and a lot of other external factors that are keeping people overstressed. But that doesn’t allow them to go over the rules, break them and thus create an unsafe environment in the capital. Most of the pedestrians are reluctant to use the foot over bridge. Many people cross the road with the risk of their life.

Earlier, there have already been enough road mishaps. The public buses killing students have left the nation astonished. Dhaka seems to be a place for people to break the laws only. People hardly know about the zebra-crossing for streets. Oh, citizen’s power!

Regardless of everything, Bangladesh in general, particularly Dhaka needs its own recognition of uniqueness and empowerment. Viva Dhaka!

Now the question arises, can counselling really fix this issue? We really have to fix ourselves guys. Please use the foot over bridge whenever we cross the streets. Once we start it, we are sure others will also get influenced. If you think you can’t bring change, be the change.

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