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GOT Fan Put A Sharp Knife Through His Friend’s Butt For Giving Spoilers

The Story:

Recently the final season of the famous fantasy serious Game Of Throne’s first episode was released. No wonder fans around the globe are all excited about the final and last season of the franchise. GOT is known to have the most loyal fan base. Indeed the makers can be proud of  the kind of hype they have created among the fans. However, there are two kinds of GOT fans among us. While some can’t waste a second after one episode is released, others who have hectic schedule have to wait. This dilemma has led to an unfortunate event recently in Mirpur, Dhaka.


A dedicated GOT fanboy deactivated his Facebook account and other social media accounts so that he could watch the final season in peace. He also avoided meeting friends outside inner circle, in order to avoid spoilers. One of his close friends called him up in an evening and said he wanted to meet and chill. Avoiding friends for weeks, the guy grew lonely and agreed to meet if his friend can guarantee him no spoilers. So the fanboy meets his friend and to his utter surprise his friend says, “Hey have you seen the latest episode where Arya Stark finally  gets needled ? “


Lost in his thoughts, the fan boy got hold of a knife and put it through his friend’s donkey so that he may shut up and never do it again. Restless as these fans are, the injured was heard uttering theory based spoilers to his fanboy friend while he was being carried to the hospital.  As much as we love to give spoilers, we should also bear in mind the consequences those spoilers may bring in our or other’s lives. The injured was treated immediately and he is lying in a hospital bed somewhere in Mirpur, contemplating on his mistakes, as should we all.


Written by DaddyVai

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