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Galaxy Fold Prototypes Reportedly Exploded!

Samsung’s new $2000 smartphone is talk of the town right now. Usually any Samsung flagship becomes the talk of the town but this time it’s different. Samsung’s new smartphone is called the ‘Galaxy Fold’ and it’s unlike any other smartphone this world has seen.The unique feature of this phone is that you can bend the screen. The bending and unbending of the screen is enough to make anyone go “wow”.This ‘Galaxy Fold’ isn’t the talk of the town because it’s a new Samsung phone ot because it’s way more expensive than any normal Samsung phone. Everyone is talking about this phone because this phone is the future. 3-4 years ago, if someone told me that his phone is foldable, I would have a good laugh. We aren’t even able to bend our phones because it breaks the screen and this guy is talking about bending phones, that surely can’t be serious. But this isn’t a joke anymore instead foldable phones are really here.This technology was a dream a couple of years ago and so, it’s obvious that making this dream come true is going to come with obstacles. The Galaxy Fold also has obstacles and the most recent problem that the prototype has faced is that it is exploding. It is not something new for Samsung as they had to discontinue Galaxy Note 7 because it kept on exploding. But since then, they have released the Note 8 and Note 9, which haven’t been terrible.But this isn’t the only problem that the Galaxy Fold has been facing. There have been reports that the Galaxy Fold’s screen is glitching and breaking. Here’s one video about it uploaded by a Twitter user:

Luckily, Samsung were quick to respond and this is what they said regarding this:

The Galaxy Fold hasn’t been released in the markets yet. These are still the prototypes, so let’s hope that they will soon be able to fix this problem and release the Galaxy Fold on 26th April as planned.

The similar incident took place back in 2016 when Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones were reportedly exploding for no good reason. Samsung managed to recall the damaged Note 7 phones and replace then with Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition AKA Samsung Galaxy Note FE as people were overwhelmed with the specs of the Samsung bomb, later this year as soon as they announced the latest Samsung Galaxy Fold people were also overwhelmed with the phone as well but it didn’t go well as they resulted in broken fold display and were also repor

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