Fan Taken To Hospital After Suffering From Depression Watching The End Of Avengers Endgame

Did you watch the movie yet? Well, this 11 years of culmination from the Marvel Cinematic Universe has shaken the world and we can totally see the hype. It seems that it has got a pretty profound effect on audiences from all around the world and China is no less.  A woman in Ningbo, China was reportedly hospitalised because she got out of control while crying. *Aww, that’s so sad* Now, we have all got a movie that gets u every time – for me, it’s the ending of Lion King – but any of us have hardly been taken to the hospital for being in this state.

  • Photo credits: China News Service

What Caused The Depression While Watching Avengers Endgame:

That’s for sure. Evidently – no spoilers here, fret not – the young woman, who’s called Xiaoli was in hysteria by the unexpected conclusion of the movie. Now, this must have put a little bit of dampener on your enjoyment over the movie. She was so distraught that she started hyperventilating and had a tough time breathing. As per The Shanghaist, she could not stretch her fingers properly and her hands, fingers and feet got numb.  We are not sure if this is a particular symptom of an illness, but well, we aren’t medical professionals. She was taken to the hospital and treated for a health issue. Moreover, the hospital gave her oxygen to normalise her respiration.

The doctor said that “We saw the patient who had been breathing heavily and according to her peers, we thought that her controllable crying caused hyperventilation. Therefore, we gave her oxygen to relax her emotion, further reducing her ventilation symptoms.” Eventually, the patient had recovered and was sent home later. Here you go.  If you are planning on watching the masterpiece that Marvel has come up with, keep in mind that it’s going to be very emotional; you are just about to experience some feels. It’s okay, try to get a hold of yourself and if you feel, breathing heavily. Perhaps, bring your own tissue box or something? Don’t just get victimised by Thanos.

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