Domino’s Pizza Building On Fire, Causing Casualties To People In The Elevator

The international pizza chain Domino’s is still a sore subject among pizza enthusiasts. After all, that’s one of the biggest sensations that we all started our year with. People queued up in the streets simply to get their freshly baked pizza out of the Domino’s oven. And in the holy month of Ramadan, there’s no exception. People are still queuing up and getting their pizzas for iftar, despite other local pizza chains having numerous other promotional offers. However, what happened yesterday had left us all in shock!

The building caught fire, causing casualties to the people inside the elevator. Here’s what one of the netizens described the situation to be like in there.

Just survived one big accident today. The moment I entered the lift and it got stuck, something happened and all the lifts caught fire and started to make loud (burst like) noise except for the lift I was in. I was rescued after 30 mins along with a pregnant lady. The whole fire exit was full of smoke, I wonder what happened to the people who were inside in the other 2-3 lifts. Thanks to the new life, Alhamdullilah.

Earlier this year, Rajuk began their drive to identify all the risk factors that can be associated with a building after the FR tower incident took place. During this investigation, rumour had it that Rajuk team had ordered Rangs Fortune Square to close down due to their lack of safety certificates. The building holds food outlets like Yum Cha District, Crimson Cup BD, Jing Ling Restaurant, Glazed and Domino’s Pizza.

Unfortunately, we cannot seem to play the blame-game in here, but we surely are waiting to see what happens next. Well, we just hope that the franchise does not close their outlet in Bangladesh due to this lack of safety and negligence.

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