China Airlines Pilot Falls Asleep In The Cockpit Mid-Flight


A pilot from China Airlines, one of Taiwan’s biggest airline carrier was punished by the company after a video of him asleep mid-flight surfaced in the internet.


The pilot, identified as Weng Jiaqi, who has 20 years of experience, was filmed dozing off by his co-pilot in a Boeing 747. This video surfaced right after China Airlines pilots returned back to work after a 7 days strike against long working hours.

After this story was shared on Taiwanese TV channel EBC, it went viral. The airline carrier in a statement to Daily Maily said – “In this instance, the pilot himself voluntarily reported his inappropriate behaviour in the cockpit to China Airlines.”


Regarding the co-pilot they also added – “The co-pilot has also been reprimanded according to regulations. Flight safety is of paramount importance to China Airlines.”


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