BREAKING: Profoundly Has Been Found Spying Into Your Messenger Inbox, Shared Photos

The youth around the world has already been facing a tremendous crisis regarding freedom of speech. The all-new has fueled this crisis. While half of the world is busy trying to prevent online harassment, it’s as if the other half is focused on supporting this issue. Many of you may ask, is trolling also a crime like cyberbullying? Well, we wouldn’t say that it’s a crime, but in many cases, it could lead to criminal offences.

Online spying is nothing new. We have already come across a number of new apps and websites through which, nearly anyone and everyone, with a little knowledge on computer, can get access to one’s Facebook, messenger, shared images, WhatsApp and so on. This we believe is a total breach of data.

According to Pews 2017 study, 41 per cent of Americans have personally experienced terrible online harassment. This included name calling through various means to other severe behaviours such as stalking. It’s no surprise that most adolescents and teenagers are the grave targets of cyberbullying than adults. The sad part is: most of these teenagers are not even able to reveal this to their parents when they are being cyberbullied. Are you one of those people who are tired of googling ‘how to reveal anonymous messages on profoundly’? Follow the link here which is our official debug into the matter: Here’s How To Reveal Who Messaged You On Profoundly.Me

Although the team has revealed that this app is solely for sharing one’s intense thoughts and feelings anonymously, it is believed that the team has completely forgotten about the dark sides of creating the app. The team claims that it is used by about 7.2 million users worldwide. In accordance, it is noteworthy that 250k new users are joining the platform every day.

Now this is alarming.

What’s more shocking is that now you can play this app on Messenger, which means that the app has access to your Messenger inbox, the people you are chatting with, the images that you share and each and every single detail that you reveal through Messenger.

The BIG question is, is that even feasible? At one side the Team has been boasting that your identity is 100 per cent protected and that you will always remain anonymous. On the other hand, they have had seen the biggest data breach over the internet in the last ten years through the revelation of the names of their anonymous users.

Online harassment happens to almost everyone. The only solution of this is to prevent it rather than opening accounts in such platforms like in order to keep yourself safe from online predators. While it is advisable to keep your social media accounts private, in tune, it is also advisable to not share your sensitive information through platforms like Messengers. In extreme cases, download VPN to protect your location at all times.

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Here’s How To Reveal Who Messaged You On Profoundly.Me

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