Ayman Sadiq Is Getting A Lot Of Hate For For Letting A Molester Live In His House

Sexual assault is a crime that isn’t uncommon in Bangladesh. Everyday women fall victim to crimes including but not limited to rape, eve-teasing, sexual harrassment. But sadly, not a lot of them are brave enough to raise their voices. Luckily, Shamsad Navia Novelly was brave enough to raise her voice against a molester who had not only sexually assaulted her but also constantly bullied her both on the internet and in real life. Here’s what Novelly posted on Facebook describing the whole incident.

She explained how she was cyber and sexually harassed by a fellow debater named “Shawon Chowdhury” who had a crush on her and wasn’t ready to accept a ‘no’ from a girl. So, on a debate tournament, Shawon sexually assaulted Novelly by violently touching her inner thighs and saying unwanted sexual stuff. Novelly was brave enough to quickly protest but her seniors lied to her by saying they’ll take actions against Shawon but in reality, they didn’t do anything.

Novelly ended up quitting debating altogether. Shawon later joined 10 Minute School and started spreading rumours about her to her juniors and batch mates and 10ms. Novelly then informed 10ms about this and they started an investigation but even after they found Shawon guilty and suspend him, Shawon was still seen in a few of 10ms videos and with Ayman Sadiq in different places including his book launch. Seeing all this, Novelly posted on her Facebook and Ayman Sadiq has been getting hate ever since that post went viral.

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