Ariana Grande Confirms Nsync Reunion At Coachella 2019

Finally, the time has come when Ariana Grande will give us what we had been looking forward to for so long. All this while we had been hearing rumours about how the female singer would be performing with the much-known boy band *NSYNC together at the Coachella 2019. There’s a discussion going on between J.C. and Ariana and it’s all confirmed that they would be performing together.

This is the best surprise that Ariana had given to her fans to date. She is said to pull out both Sundays of the festival, taking over the stage at 10:30 pm PT this Saturday and the same time on the following weekend, 21 April. Grande is currently at her Sweetener world tour and Coachella is to represent her next pair of stops. The hype is in complete effect, just when Grande confirmed her performance with *NSYNC at the show!

She posted a number of social media posts sooner in the week, emphasizing the group. The first one was regarding the live performance of the boy band, with Justin Timberlake center and front. It featured a young Ariana Grande in the audience apparently. Grande followed it with a little lip clip sync and dancing to the song “Tearing up my heart” by *NSYNC.

As per a report from TMZ, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, JC Chasez and Chris Kirkpatrick are all planning some kind of a reunion on the stage along with Ariana Grande, but there’s an obvious missing piece to the puzzle.

Justin Timberlake shall not be involved in the *NSYNC reunion, which left the spot open for Ariana Grande to come up and fill the space. However, Timberlake wrapped up his Man of Woodstour on Saturday night with an appreciative response to a message from wife Jessica Biel.

Biel mentioned in a video that’s tapped backstage at the concert. “I just am in absolute awe of you every night to see you up there in your glory, doing what you’ve been put on this Earth to do. You inspire me, you inspire Silas, you inspire everyone around you — all of your fans, all of your friends and family — to work as hard and as with so much passion as you do. You are truly a sight to behold. I’m so happy that you’re going to get some time off. I’m so happy for you and for us.”

His absence shouldn’t come off as that big of a surprise as much as Grande’s presence did!

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