Announcement: We Are Rebranding ’14AGAIN Videos’ To ‘TezzFeed Video’

14AGAIN is a cross media entertainment platform serving millions worldwide with satire news and funny videos alongside many other categories, 14AGAIN was founded 4 years ago and eversince the growth we’ve worked to grow our platform massively. We’ve come up with an idea for another media outlet which a target of hitting global with real news and skits. Our brand ’14AGAIN Videos’ served many purpose on facebook covering videos with millions of reach but we’ve decided to rebrand ’14AGAIN Videos’ to ‘TezzFeed Video’.

Recently, we are planning to explore more on social media via our ‘TezzFeed Video’ page and make original content under the brand name and reach more people worldwide. On the otherhand, we’ve also decided to rename most of our 14AGAIN assets under TezzFeed’s name. We’re expecting exponential growth via the brand name of our newly introduced ‘TezzFeed’, TezzFeed’s new website is now under developing and we’re going to launch it as soon as the product is ready. Our target is to go viral worldwide.

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