A Teacher Tries To Bite Off Another Teacher’s Face


A heated argument within the sunlit halls of Comilla Model College on a just-was-peaceful-right-now morning gave rise to one teacher trying to tear off the other’s cheek flesh in sudden rage.


The principal chose not to disclose the matter with outsiders but students who had already saw the whole commotion relayed it to us. According to them, they were fighting over vacant timing slots to hold their own cultural events and could not settle it peacefully by themselves. Curses were being thrown to such an extent that personal pride was treaded upon and they had probably thought settling it the hard way would silence the other one for good.


Luckily, neither succeeded for the principal had heard the distress soon enough and ended the feud right there, before dragging them both to his office being finally fed up with their drama (A new type of hindi serial it seems). It was also seen that the students were cheering their teachers on to continue and even bets were being made by some of them. Currently, both of the teachers were ordered from the higher authorities to recover in the school’s hospital wing and lay side by side to each other to finish off their distastes together.


Written by Panta Bhaat

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