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A Fight Happened Here In Dhaka For Mixing ‘Zelapi’ With ‘Chola-Muri’ In Iftar

Here in puran Dhaka a fight was happened in 7th may,2019 at First Ramadan of this year. The main cause of the fight was, ‘mixing Zelapi with chola-muri’. In a bachelor mess, This incident had happened.  A member of the mess was making iftar and he loves to eat zelapi with chola-muri thats why he mixed them all together. When other members saw that they started debating each other and 2 persons supported and other 4 perosns was too angry to express. Their first sentence was, “ami muri makhaite koisilam tui bish banaili ken?”

Then, the supporting group started giving counter to them and a huge fight had started.Hearing Chaos, Local people went there and met 3 persons injured…

At last, they added to our Local Correspondent Sabuj, “Vai ar zai koros na ken jibonew kew chola-murir sathe zelapi misais na,  zekono somoy amader agomon ghotte pare “


Written by Sazzatul Sabuj

Last year got a prize in blogstory written competition.
Just love to make memes, making trolls etc

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