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Pet Dies Due To Excessive Farting Of Neighbour Upstairs


Shumon from comilla and farzana from sylhet had been married for the last 16 months. Their huge apartment in dhanmondi usually remains empty during the day, as both of them are working lawyers.


This all changed last monsoon as they were taking a casual stroll along the Dhanmondi Lake, when suddenly there was a drizzle in the air, as they took hurried steps towards their car, they found a white cat sitting beneath a tree to escape the cold monsoon rain.

Shumon decided to take the cat home with them and it has been with them since. Every time shumon and farzana returns home from their job at night, the cat curls up on their bed as they go to sleep.

There was an exception to this when last thursday after entering their home shumon and farzana found their cat lying dead on their bed with no visible sign of injury.

After a thorough medical investigation the doctors at certain Specialized Hospital in Dhanmondi could not ascertain the likely cause of death.


Being a lawyer farzana felt that more needed to be done, so a formal investigation was started by the local police, they also could not ascertain the likely cause of the cat’s untimely death.

So private foreign investigators were called in from the FBI upon request from the local police department. The private foreign investigators who after a thorough investigation found, that the cat died due to sudden inhalation of toxic gases. This crime occurred at 10am in the morning just after both shumon and farzana left for office on that tragic day.

This is right at the moment when their neighbour upstairs arrives home from his job at a reputed call centre in Dhaka where he works during the night shift.


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